Jacuzzi: what type of spa model to buy?

Choosing a spa is not an easy task because indeed, you must sort the model that will perfectly meet your needs. And besides you can get it without necessarily breaking the bank because inexpensive Jacuzzi spas are available today. The use, the space, and the number of users are important parameters to take into account to find the model best suited.

The size of the spa

It is essential that you find the model that can easily fit into your home. There are compact, medium or XXL ... The size to choose depends on the space you are going to give to your equipment. Note that Jacuzzis can now accommodate between two and ten people depending on the model. However, if your bathroom, or even your interior, is not luxurious enough to place a jacuzzi, you can always install it outside (terrace or garden). You should also know that, you can choose the number of nozzles you want inside the hot tub. So, if you prefer therapeutic massages, opt for a model with many nozzles.

The inflatable spa

It is the cheapest spa on the market and the most practical because it is portable. You can easily find it in the sales dedicated to cheap jacuzzi spas. Lightweight and easy to install, the inflatable spa is suitable for homes that do not have much space. The only negative point is that you cannot enjoy the sophisticated massages that classic spas can offer.

The portable spa

The portable spa as its name suggests can be moved but is much more efficient than the inflatable spa. It does not need a water supply, a drain system and an electrical connection to operate.

The built-in spa

This is the design spa model. Indeed, it can be arranged in the garden, on the terrace, in the bathroom. Very efficient, it can be made to measure. Regarding the installation, the built-in spa, being equipped with specific devices to operate, requires the development of a technical room nearby. So if your choice is this, choose the location well because the pool is permanently fitted out.

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