Power supply to your spa

Do you want to buy a jacuzzi? it is an excellent idea! All the more so, since you can make the connections to your spa yourself, while respecting the appropriate measures and precautions.

What precautions should I follow for connecting the spa?

First and foremost, be well aware. If you feel like you can't do it, don't go for it. Second, do not pass the baton to someone who is unfit or incompetent in the field. Afterwards, do not let the children be in the neighborhood in case there is a risk of accidents. You must then make the connection with the power off. And finally in case of doubt or the slightest problem, seek help from a professional in the matter right away.

Consider the ideal place to put your spa

It is crucial to analyze the perfect location to install your spa. Because for some spas as for built-in models, the location is final. You must ensure that your spa is well away from all electrical lines, all outlets, all switches, and all electrical installations. All this to ensure your safety and your family. It is even better to make them all inaccessible in order to better protect children.

The materials needed to make the electrical connection

Some materials are required to make the electrical connection of your tubs on sale. First of all, you must obtain a rigid U1000-R2V type cable with a section of 3x6 mm², it should be noted that this cable must be protected by a 40 ampere 30 mA differential switch and also by a double pole 32 A circuit breaker; then a modular panel, waterproof IP55 if it is outside your home. The modular board must be placed next to the general board in your home. You will then need to connect this new board using wires of at least 6 mm.

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