A dip in bubble water

Small explanatory point beforehand, because many people wonder the difference between spa and Jacuzzi. The answer is: none ^^ Indeed, the Jacuzzi is the historic brand of spas, which are a bath of hot bubbling water, also called a whirlpool bath, where jets come to massage the people in it (from where the term hydromassage). Note, however, that for the English, the term spa is more general and designates both balneotherapy and hydrotherapy or thalasso treatments. If you want to be fussy, suddenly there is a difference: a Jacuzzi is necessarily a spa, but a spa is not necessarily the jacuzzi spa brand.

That being said, let's move on to what interests us, namely the benefits of the spa / Jacuzzi. While immersing yourself in this hot and bubbling water directly brings a feeling of well-being, the effects are more general.

The first benefits, I would go so far as to say the first pleasant sensations brought by the Jacuzzi, are provided by the jets of water (or bubbles). This is called hydromassage, which brings the well-being that can be expected ... From a massage, yes if ^^ The advantage, even if less customizable than a massage in the proper sense, c is that the way the jets are oriented and depending on their power, the effects are a bit variable. The goal at this level remains to reduce muscle tension in different parts of the body, especially the back, which I think we have all been able to try one day. It is also useful in relieving joint problems, that is, osteoarthritis and arthritis (the second being inflammation of the joint, the first being a condition where the joint cartilage disappears). Other virtues are to be noted at this level, such as the removal or relief of tension from the entire back region.

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